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The Pennsylvania Art Conservatory is a premier restoration studio, whose specialists are known for their depth of knowledge and experience in treating paintings and frames.  The gallery features a diverse collection, ranging from traditional pieces and Impressionist works, to Regionalist and Modernist paintings.  Our exquisite framing features hand carved, gilded profiles and archival methods.  We are conveniently located on Philadelphia’s Main Line.  Please call for an appointment today.

Custom Frames

The Pennsylvania Art Conservatory offers hand carved gold leaf custom frames and the expertise to help you determine the best choices for your artwork.  Proper framing can enhance the look and value of your art, and can also help preserve and protect your paintings and works on paper for future generations to enjoy.

Frame jumble

Vanett pair framed


This pair of lovely romantic scenes are set off with a pair of simple gilded scoop frames, complete with leaf corner and a heavily antiqued patina.


Constant Bull combed frame small

A black combed gesso frame with white gold lip works well on the Bull by George Constant.




Hughson, 3178 cropped

Lynn Hughson’s Brooklyn Bridge got the architectural treatment with a Newcomb-Macklin style frame designed by Stanford White.




This Dutch Wharf scene by Lambertus Hardenburg
called for a dark and angular Dutch frame with a
small gold lip.

Hardenburg Dutch Wharf small



Large paintings are frequently framed in narrow frames that do not balance the visual weight of the painting. This floral needed a strong gold frame that was simple in profile but had some interest in the form of carving along the sides and in the corners.

Frame Restoration

We are proud to offer frame restoration as one of our services. We specialize in antique frames but are also knowledgeable in the restoration of contemporary frames. Our experts are trained in gilding, reconstruction, reinforcement, carving and gesso repair.

The Pennsylvania Art Conservatory offers the following frame restoration services…

  • framerestorationCleaning
  • Rebuilding
  • Regilding Repairs
  • Matching of Old/Creating a New Pattern
  • Gilding, Watergilding and Goldleaf
  • Stabilizing
  • Replacement of Missing Ornaments
  • Regilding of Entire Frame
  • Reinforcement, Tightening


fresh gilding

Gallery Collection

Gallery panorama 2

The Pennsylvania Art Conservatory has an eclectic collection of art for sale.  Please stop by the gallery and visit or peruse our desktop website to see some of our offerings.

restoration-homeRESTORATION SERVICES The Pennsylvania Art Conservatory was founded with a concern for the care and preservation of works of art. Skilled restoration can revitalize a painting – bringing back the color, light and detail and preserving your art for years of enjoyment.

customframing-homeFRAMING SERVICES The Pennsylvania Art Conservatory offers hand carved gold leaf custom frames. Proper framing can enhance the look and value of your art, and can also help preserve and protect your paintings and works on paper for future generations to enjoy.

Pullinger-DryDock-frameGALLERY COLLECTION The Pennsylvania Art Conservatory features a diverse selection of fine quality antique paintings for sale.  Our collection of nineteenth and twentieth-century American and European paintings includes landscapes, still life paintings, and genre scenes.  We show works by noted Pennsylvania Impressionists as well as past students of Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.

2015 Best of MLMN LogoThe Pennsylvania Art Conservatory has been the recipient of numerous awards over the years.  We address local collections with the same regard and expertise that we bring to artwork featured in fine art galleries nationwide.

Inside the Conservatory


Our spacious workshop offers state of the art equipment


Restoring an antique portrait – texturing the fills


An overview of some of the staff at work


Part of our ever changing gallery collection of art for sale


A bird’s eye view of the conservatory studio


For your convenience, we are providing links to some of our most trusted colleagues below…


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Painting Restoration

The Pennsylvania Art Conservatory provides the following services…

  • restoration-afterrestoration-beforeSurface Cleaning
  • Restretching
  • Varnish Removal
  • Key Adjustment
  • Lining/Relining
  • Panel Repairs
  • Inlay Filters
  • restoration-philipExpert Retouch or Inpainting
  • Repair of tears, rips, punctures, gouges & scrapes
  • Treatment of brittle or warped canvas
  • Adhesion of curled and flaking pigment
  • Repair of crazing, cracking, powdering, or blistering
  • Museum panel mounting
  • Restore clarity to bloomed pigment and varnish

Jacobs before croppedJacobs after cropped


Our clients range from international museums and galleries to devoted individual collectors.  Every piece that we examine is given the same level of care and respect, regardless of the source.  If it is important to you, then it is important to us.  Please do not hesitate to contact us about caring for your own treasure.


The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia Hilarie Hawley, Fellowship President

Sotheby’s, New York
Wendy Foulke (610) 649-2600

Christie’s, New York
A. McCarthy (610) 525-5493

Robert Wittman, Inc.
Art Security Consulting, Chester Heights, PA (610) 361-8929

Museum of Modern Art – Antwerp, Belgium
Steven Marks 011-32-474-977-599

Ron Pook
Pook & Pook Auction, Downingtown, PA
(610) 269-4040

Illinois Historical Art Project, Northbrook, IL
Joel Dryer (847) 612-1216

Oglebay Institute, Wheeling, WV
Christin Stein Byrum (304) 242-7272 x. 503

Historical Society of Phoenixville, PA
Wendi Johnson (610) 935-7646

Berks County Historical Society, Reading, PA
Kim Longlott (610) 375-4375

Fine Art Concierge   Cliff Bailer (610) 203-6313

Freeman’s Auctioneers, Philadelphia, PA
(215) 563-9275


Janetta during cropped

Our studios are staffed with experienced conservators who specialize in museum quality restoration of paintings and frames.





We offer the following painting restoration services:

  • Full surface cleanings and removal of yellowed varnish
  • Repair of tears and holes
  • Full or edge linings using Beva adhesives
  • Removal of old wax resin linings and proper relining
  • Professional re-touch and inpaint
  • Re-stretching and keying out of loose canvas
  • Panel repairs – restoration of all works on panel or board
  • Custom stretcher bars
  • Application of protective varnishes



Restoration Examples

The Schooner Percy Birdsall, S.F.M. Badger, Private collection, Pennsylvania

The cleaning of this ship portrait was a slow and arduous task, but well worthwhile.  The painstaking removal of the discolored varnish and previous retouch revealed the true colors of the painting below and now it can be viewed the way the artist intended.  The photo on the left is before cleaning, the photo on the right shows the upper corner after cleaning.

johnson-b-tight-crop          johnson-during-tight-crop

After the restoration is finished and the painting is framed in 23K custom frame, the crisp white sails, blue sky and the swells beneath the vessel can be seen and fully appreciated.


Allegory of Beauty, after Giovanni Martinelli

This painting had extensive tears running through the image and the frame was damaged.  The piece was cleaned, stabilized, and fully restored.

14154-hynansky-beauty-age-during2cropped  14154-hynansky-beauty-age-during1cropped

After restoration, the beauty of the painting was once more the focus:



The Elevation of the Cross, after Peter Paul Rubens, triptych

When a painting falls off the wall, it is unfortunate.  When a painting falls off the wall and lands on a marble baptismal font, it is devastating.  The center panel of this triptych suffered from the impact, tearing in several directions as the canvas met with the marble.

Center panel 1 Center Panel 5

Once the painting was able to be moved, it was laid out and the pieces put back into place.

Center- before      backduringcropped

Each tear had to be properly aligned and the canvas prepared for the stabilization process of a lining:

raking restoration 2

This painstaking work took quite a bit of time and talent.  After stabilization, the missing areas were texturally filled (white), and readied for retouch.

during1                             fills

Once the retouch was finished and the painting varnished, it was ready to hang back in the church once more.  As this was part of a triptych, we also addressed the outer two panels as well, to maintain consistency through the artwork.

center after cropped


The Council of War, John Rogers

Recently, we had the opportunity to restore “The Council of War” by John Rogers.  This striking depiction of Lincoln, Grant and Stanton discussing the Civil War had been rather unfortunately damaged during shipping.  The damage to Grant’s head was shocking, but we were able to make him whole once more.

before wire from front  wire as part of group  wire from back

Luckily, our client had thought to save all of the pieces:

pieces in box

This aided significantly in the reconstruction.

head detail from right side  facial reconstruction  head detail from left side  photo 6

Ultimately, the entire head and neck area was brought back to show the original intention of the artist, and it can now be enjoyed once more.

After Council

The Council of War, John Rogers (1829 – 1904)



This painting was completely revitalized and is now ready for display.

13295 Sherlaw- before small  13295 Sherlaw- after small

Here are some projects that illustrate how properly executed retouch can blend seamlessly with the original painting.  Our retouch artists specialize in applying the appropriate texture, tone and technique.  As you can see, the results are breathtaking.





When paintings are cleaned, the original pigments are revealed, showing the true colors of the artwork:

Janetta during cropped



Philip Rosenfeld, Director                 

Kate Deckman, Assistant Director   

Sean Wholey, Painting Restoration

Linda Rudd, Frame Restoration


“Philip: The painting looks great! The frame is just wonderful workmanship and the cleanup plus work on the painting is fantastic. As I said to Kate; ‘Amazing what a nice jacket and tie can do.’  See you soon.” – Paul, PA

“I am more pleased than I ever thought possible!” – A.T., New York

“We want to express our deep appreciation for the quality restorations you have done on our paintings.  We have now had four paintings cleaned and restored.  All have exceeded our expectations.  They are beautiful and not a day goes by where we don’t enjoy our modest art collection.  Thank you for adding so much enjoyment to our lives.” – Win, Pat, PA

“Thank you for all of your help in our recent purchase.  It’s well-positioned above the mantle in our living room & it looks great!  We look forward to doing business with you again.” – Nancy

“Dear Philip, I do not think I have told you how pleased I am with the finished
silhouettes. The restoration is amazing, and the framing just right.” – Elizabeth

“Dear Kate, I just wanted to thank you so much for your time today.  I am overwhelmed by the way the paintings came out – they are just beautiful.  I love the frame also.  This has been such a wonderful process – I thank you and Philip, and of course the artists who worked on the pieces.” – MV, PA

“All I can say is WOW.  What an amazing job you did to make this wonderful painting come alive again!  It looks brand new.  It’s just spectacular.  I really couldn’t believe what it has become.  The blue sky is so vivid.  And the sails are white again!  Thanks so much.  You will probably see us again sometime there to look at the collection.” – A.J., Pennsylvania

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Custom Framing

customframing-workThe Pennsylvania Art Conservatory offers period frames in a variety of styles and finishes to complement your art. From traditional French frames to American Impressionist frames and Modernist Frames…the Pennsylvania Art Conservatory has a large assortment of profiles that can be created in a variety of finishes. With a selection that is simply unparalleled, the Pennsylvania Art Conservatory is your destination for exceptional framing.

customframing-frameYour artwork is always of paramount concern, and to that end we offer a variety of glazing options, including Museum glass. In addition, our specialists are experienced in handling valuable and fragile works of art, with an average of more than 20 years of experience in the field.