Restoration Examples

The Schooner Percy Birdsall, S.F.M. Badger, Private collection, Pennsylvania

The cleaning of this ship portrait was a slow and arduous task, but well worthwhile.  The painstaking removal of the discolored varnish and previous retouch revealed the true colors of the painting below and now it can be viewed the way the artist intended.  The photo on the left is before cleaning, the photo on the right shows the upper corner after cleaning.

johnson-b-tight-crop          johnson-during-tight-crop

After the restoration is finished and the painting is framed in 23K custom frame, the crisp white sails, blue sky and the swells beneath the vessel can be seen and fully appreciated.


Allegory of Beauty, after Giovanni Martinelli

This painting had extensive tears running through the image and the frame was damaged.  The piece was cleaned, stabilized, and fully restored.

14154-hynansky-beauty-age-during2cropped  14154-hynansky-beauty-age-during1cropped

After restoration, the beauty of the painting was once more the focus:



The Elevation of the Cross, after Peter Paul Rubens, triptych

When a painting falls off the wall, it is unfortunate.  When a painting falls off the wall and lands on a marble baptismal font, it is devastating.  The center panel of this triptych suffered from the impact, tearing in several directions as the canvas met with the marble.

Center panel 1 Center Panel 5

Once the painting was able to be moved, it was laid out and the pieces put back into place.

Center- before      backduringcropped

Each tear had to be properly aligned and the canvas prepared for the stabilization process of a lining:

raking restoration 2

This painstaking work took quite a bit of time and talent.  After stabilization, the missing areas were texturally filled (white), and readied for retouch.

during1                             fills

Once the retouch was finished and the painting varnished, it was ready to hang back in the church once more.  As this was part of a triptych, we also addressed the outer two panels as well, to maintain consistency through the artwork.

center after cropped


The Council of War, John Rogers

Recently, we had the opportunity to restore “The Council of War” by John Rogers.  This striking depiction of Lincoln, Grant and Stanton discussing the Civil War had been rather unfortunately damaged during shipping.  The damage to Grant’s head was shocking, but we were able to make him whole once more.

before wire from front  wire as part of group  wire from back

Luckily, our client had thought to save all of the pieces:

pieces in box

This aided significantly in the reconstruction.

head detail from right side  facial reconstruction  head detail from left side  photo 6

Ultimately, the entire head and neck area was brought back to show the original intention of the artist, and it can now be enjoyed once more.

After Council

The Council of War, John Rogers (1829 – 1904)



This painting was completely revitalized and is now ready for display.

13295 Sherlaw- before small  13295 Sherlaw- after small

Here are some projects that illustrate how properly executed retouch can blend seamlessly with the original painting.  Our retouch artists specialize in applying the appropriate texture, tone and technique.  As you can see, the results are breathtaking.





When paintings are cleaned, the original pigments are revealed, showing the true colors of the artwork:

Janetta during cropped